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Leverage Machine Learning and AI capabilities to classify and capture/redact document information more efficiently

Traditional capture systems typically require technical consultants to setup multiple rules and code routines to capture data from documents. This can be costly and time consuming.

Lemmana Content Services differs from this approach by utilizing Computer Vision, Machine Learning, NLP and AI approaches. Instead, your everyday users teach the system through a simple web based user interface (web browser) about what types of document you receive and what data is required from them.

In the background, the system automatically builds capture models based upon these samples. The models are then applied to new incoming documents for automated classification and data capture or redaction. They can then either be verified and/or be released into your document management system for storage and compliance or marrying to your workflow processes.

Lemmana Benefits

  • Empowers digital transformation by leveraging Computer Vision, Machine Learning, NLP and AI approaches, allowing your end users who know your documents to train the system vs technical consultants.

  • Learns and adapts over time to meet your document capture needs vs a hard coded or rules-based approach.

  • Removes the need for costly and time consuming setup and maintenance.

  • Integrates seamlessly with Box, Document Logistix DM5, Microsoft, Nuxeo and other CMIS document repositories.

  • Scales using a Microservice based architecture running on Docker Containers for ease of deployment, scale and resilience (Cloud or On-Premise i.e. Amazon AWS, Azure, Digital Ocean etc).

  • Provided with both a web based user interface (web browser) and REST API.

  • Integrates with Fujitsu desktop and network scanners along with other document scanning hardware via TWAIN.

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Functionality Overview

  • Machine Learning / NLP / AI based Classification and Metadata / Entity Extraction

  • OCR for digitizing scanned image text

  • Zonal handprint recognition for written text

  • Image Enhancement

  • PDF text / image extraction and creation

  • Out of the Box Metadata / Entity capture

  • Process Images, Word Docs and Email

  • Logo detection

  • Page layout detection for capturing form data

  • Handprint detection

  • Signature detection

  • Face detection

  • Page classifcation/identification

  • Document Repository integration

  • Scanner integration




Head Word

Example : run, runs, ran and running are all forms of the same lexeme, with run as the 'lemma' or head word



Austronesian language means "power", "effectiveness", "prestige" and has magical sources

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