Lemmana Content Services was built to harness and use the information all around us.


We wanted to create a Content Services platform that removed a lot of the technical configuration and empower the end users who know their documents to build and train the system.

Lemmana have a unique vision for the future of working with content and are positioned to deliver an experience that is not encumbered by the past.


Michael Schlachter
Co-Founder & Director

Michael has over 10 years of document capture experience working in management and technical leadership roles for companies including IBM, and Datacap. At IBM Michael was a software architect for document and imaging capture. He has also been a software engineering manager and lead the Datacap support organization.

Michael decided to start Lemmana Ltd with Ben in 2018.


Ben Davies
Co-Founder & Director

Ben worked for IBM for 9 years starting as a graduate and working his way up to World Wide Document and Imaging Capture Technical Sales Leader. He worked around the world on a variety of high profile capture opportunities. He has also co-authored a number of IBM Redbooks relating to ECM and Imaging Capture. During this time he met and worked with Michael.

In 2018, Ben joined with Michael to start Lemmana Ltd.


Head Word

Example : run, runs, ran and running are all forms of the same lexeme, with run as the 'lemma' or head word



Austronesian language means "power", "effectiveness", and "prestige" and has magical sources